Railway Hotel Lidcombe

Project Background

The Railway Hotel Lidcombe is a very competitive top ranking room, renowned for great service and run by Veronica Malloy, one of the countries largest Gaming Operations Publicans. The hotel was experiencing increasing local competition and the gaming room was tired and dated with dead ends that closed patrons into alleys. It was in need of an upgrade to modernise the room and create a better use of the space.

The customer requirements

The customer was looking for a premium space that could be reconfigured in the future to suit new layouts with ease. The room needed to be comfortable with an element of privacy for patrons. It was important there were no pinch points or bottlenecks and so the customer sought out Capital Design Works for expert advice.

How Capital Design Works approached the project

Capital Design Works worked with Mark Malloy and designed a floor plan to suit the available space and customised standard products to make them unique to the venue.

Jamaica Screens were sought out for the project along with Arizona bases featuring warm white LED lights and black empire footrest.

Capital Design Works worked closely alongside Architect Darren Mah to match the colour scheme of the design to work with the venue’s carpet.

Project Outcome

The Railway Hotel Lidcombe is a well performing room that is clean, up to date and unique. It has a premium new look and feel and is currently sitting proudly at number two in the state for gaming revenue.


Railway Hotel Lidcombe
Lidcombe NSW
Modernising a top ranking Gaming Room with new Poker machine bases and screens
Floor Plan
Capital Design Works
Interior Design
Darren Mah Design

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