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Re-envisioning the Thomas Blamey Tavern with Capital Design Works

Faced with the social distancing restrictions of COVID-19 and strict gaming industry requirements, the Thomas Blamey team approached Capital Designs with the intention of overhauling their entire guest experience.

Envisioning a modern, upmarket venue that would offer additional space and privacy for every patron, the Capital Design Works team drafted updated interiors, designed a new floor plan, and conceptualised exterior venue upgrades to bring a consistent look and feel to the space. Well versed in the interiors, project management, and unique compliance needs of the gaming industry, our team set off to bring the Thomas Blamey Tavern gaming room back to life.

If you’ve been considering an interiors overhaul and want to learn more about how Capital Design works with clients, read on to learn about the highlights of this regional renovation. Delivered on-time, to scope, and managed end-to-end by our team, we know that this is one case study that will help our readers realise how streamlined the renovation process can be.

Getting Started with the Thomas Blamey Tavern

After review of updated industry regulations and increasing COVID-19 restrictions, the Thomas Blamey team decided to approach Capital Design Works about overhauling their venue to deliver a better gaming experience.

Among their list of desired project outcomes, the client identified the need for:

1. A modern venue in line with changing industry standards and compliance regulations.

2. Updated interiors that offered additional space per player and increased privacy.

3. A go-to hospitality and gaming destination in regional NSW that could meet the local community’s wants and needs.

Upon review of the existing floor plan and venue goals, our team decided that the Diamond Package would offer the best refurbishment plan for the tavern. Delivering detailed to-scale drawings, interior design consultations, and full end-to-end project management services, the Diamond Package would allow our team to:

1. Restrategise the interior design including all colour planning, textiles, and lighting

2. Redesign the venue entrance

3. Plan exterior landscaping needs to align with new interiors concept

4. Select materials suppliers and joinery to meet the design recommendations, deliver excellent finishing standards, and maintain quality control

With a great concept, incredible offer, and a highly experienced team, our client has since confirmed that the final considerations that kicked off our collaboration included:

1. The opportunity to work with a design team who understood the unique needs of a regionally based gaming venue.

2. A fixed price offer with clear project scope to minimise the risk of going over budget.

3. A drafted timeline to ensure venue reopening goals could be met with the easing of COVID-19 restrictions.

4. The opportunity to work with a project management, planning, and design team who were highly experienced balancing venue refurbishments with compliance and regulation needs.

Kicking Off Planning, Interiors, and Design

From the initial client meeting through to delivery of the first design concept was two weeks. Believing that a warm and modern interior would increase patron comfort and lengthen visit durations, our in-house designer suggested bronze features, dark timber, and backlit signs for an intimate, luxurious feel.

To cap off the upmarket vision identified by the Thomas Blamey team, our designer also recommended a unique ceiling feature made from intricate metal work to cast a warm glow over the room. Because the Capital Design team works with the client during the tender and Value Engineering process, any fixtures, joinery, or materials suggested and agreed to by the client are maintained.

Meeting Timelines and Staying on Budget During the Renovation Process

One of the leading value propositions of working with Capital Design Works is the opportunity for clients to work with our design team to draft a plan, receive cost quotes, and uphold the agreed-to tender from start to finish. While working with the same outsourced team can seem like one way to streamline communications, the tangible results go much further. How so?

Industry expectations quote traditional venue designers at 10% of the overall build cost for a major commercial renovation. Because Capital Design includes the design work, revision, and extended scope fees in their initial package, clients won’t have to increase their budget for additional services needed from start to end. Further, by controlling the design and tender process, our clients can minimise additional expenses added after the tender bidding and award period by identifying all fixtures, materials, and joinery to be supplied upfront–with no scope changes or alternative suppliers to be determined by the builder.
How Capital Designs manages this process to streamline communications, support the client through the design and tender process, and ensure superior finishes and quality control looks something like this:

1. Clients work with the in-house designer for 2-4 working weeks while initial drafts of design plans are created.

2. After agreeing to the scope, clients put out a call for project tenders–with all joinery, finishes, and some suppliers decided on ahead of time. (Meaning clients minimise the risk of the successful building team cutting back on finishing costs and increasing their profit margin!)

3. The clients and design team review and make final edits, where needed, based on the successful tender’s quote and capacity.

4. The full project team prepares for the build process.

The final outcome? No wastage, no surprise costs, and upheld quality control. By choosing a full service package with Capital Design Works, the Thomas Blamey Tavern team were able to do exactly that–as well as ensure that:

1. Timelines were maintained.

2. e quality of finishes and materials decided on during the design process were installed as expected; and,

3. The end client was able to manage their day-to-day while our team kept their project on track.

Streamlining Communications, Budgets, and Outcomes with Capital Design Works

For the venue owners and hospitality managers who have to balance meeting industry standards with delivering a fantastic customer experience, deciding how, when, and for how much to overhaul your venue is a major decision.

Led by industry experts with significant experience in gaming venue planning, drafting, and design, Capital Design Works relies on our systemised processes and best practices for every one of our construction and refurbishment projects and we think that the results show.

Now reopened for business post-Public Health restrictions, the Thomas Blamey Tavern is once again a regional New South Wales destination. Confident that their venue refresh meets the needs of both local patrons and industry regulators, the Thomas Blamey team remarked how straightforward it was working together with Capital Designs.

If you’re interested in partnering with an end-to-end team who can accommodate your location, budget, and timeline with unique gaming industry experience, our team can help. Contact one of our friendly Sales Managers today and we can book in a time to survey your location and come up with a plan.

Effective, efficient, and well versed in staying on time and budget, working with Capital Design Works is an easy way to better the guest experience and bring extra profit through the door.


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