Club Central Hurstville

The Project Background

Club Central Hurstville is a community club that provides entertainment, bar facilities and dining experiences. The club is undertaking its largest expansion to date.
A key component of the expansion is the update of the gaming facilities, undertaken by Capital Design Works.

The Customer Requirements

Club management wanted to expand the gaming facilities from a single traditional space to a range of rooms offering tailored gaming experiences for members and guests. This included supply and installation of 204 EGM bases across three areas – the main Gaming floor, Alfresco Gaming area and VIP Gaming Room.
This meant the club needed a provider that could develop a range of gaming room designs. Other key considerations included whether the provider could deliver a project of the size and quality required, within budget. It was also important for the club that it partner with someone that could be called upon in the future, when other changes might be needed.
Club management chose Capital Design Works because they felt we met all their requirements. This includes having a proven track record across a large number of venues, combined with attention to detail, consistent communication and timely delivery of projects.

How Capital Design Works Approached the Project

We undertook the fitout of the gaming rooms in a series of stages. A modular approach was taken with joinery and other elements of the design to allow for future changes. This approach was very important to the club in light of the dynamic nature of the gaming industry, and the ongoing impact of COVID-19.

The Project Outcome

Capital Design Works completed the project using the industry favourite and most popular Arizona Base upgraded with LED’s and a Bronze Empire footrest. This allowed for the premium aesthetic and player comfort of continuous footrests. Additionally, both Ibiza and Aruba gaming screens with integrated LED were utilised to create some privacy and separation from walkways, bar and seating areas.
The VIP Room was further upgraded to provide larger spacing between EGMs and finishes were upgraded to black gloss. The bases also included a wireless fast charger for additional amenity.
General Manager of Gaming Ante Kovac describes the level of satisfaction in the project as “high”.
“Our dealings with Capital Design Works were prompt, clear and comprehensive. Capital Design Works provided an end-to-end service that ensured the project was delivered on time at the standard required,” he said.
He said customer reactions and feedback had been very positive so far. The installation of privacy screens has been particularly well-received compared to the previous open gaming spaces. The result has been increased time on machines in the VIP lounge, as well as higher customer satisfaction.
While venues tend to prefer open layouts, this result shows the benefits that privacy screens can offer.
Ante Kovac said the club's initial goal had been accomplished, but points out that gaming offerings are constantly evolving rather than static. This means the club will likely need to refine and enhance or even pivot its gaming offerings in the future.
“Having a partner such as Capital Design Works that can enable rapid change will allow Club Central to maintain a high quality offering for members and guests in these uncertain times,” he said.


Club Central Hurstville
Floor Plan
Capital Design Works
The club is undertaking its largest expansion to date

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