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In the heart of Bomaderry lies a club with a gaming space that once felt outdated and lacked the modern touch. Recognizing the need for change and a revamp that matches the club's prestige, Capital Design Works was entrusted with the task. Our mission? To transform Bomaderry Bowling Club's gaming rooms into state-of-the-art spaces that not only cater to post-COVID norms but also set a new standard in player experience. Dive into our journey of creating a gaming environment where tradition meets modernity, and excellence meets engagement


The Bomaderry Bowling Club's gaming room, prior to our intervention, had an outdated aesthetic and lacked the necessary post-COVID spacing protocols. The room's design did not prioritize privacy, and as a result, it underperformed in terms of player experience and engagement.

Room Challenges

The original poker machine bases posed significant challenges. Built by a previous contractor, these bases were not designed with modularity in mind, making them cumbersome to move and reconfigure. Further compounding the room's issues were the lack of privacy and the absence of adequate lighting in both the bases and the screens.

Client Requirements

Anthony outlined clear directives for the redesign. They wanted to ensure 1.5m spacing between machines to conform to health guidelines, enhanced privacy for players, and the integration of LED lighting in the bases and screens. Additionally, it was imperative that the new design remains consistent with the overarching colour theme of the venue.

Our Solution

Capital Design Works stepped up to the challenge with a comprehensive design solution tailored for the club. We crafted a functional floor plan that seamlessly integrated three distinct gaming areas. Alyssa, our in-house interior designer, took the lead in introducing customised ceiling features, wall panelling, and strategically placed signage. These additions significantly uplifted the ambiance of both the rooms and adjoining walkways. Additionally, we enhanced the TAB joinery and introduced feature panelling to accentuate the room's aesthetics.

Implementation & Result

The transformation of the Bomaderry Bowling Club's gaming room was executed meticulously in five distinct stages, handling one room at a time. Recognizing the importance of the festive season for the club and its patrons, our final stage was geared with a sense of urgency. With no margin for error, our team prioritized efficiency and speed without compromising on quality.

Post-renovation, the room radiates a modern fresh design. The tasteful integration of mirror panelling on the ceiling, complemented by battened paneling features, elevates the room's aesthetics. Thoughtfully designed corridors ensure smooth traffic flow, and each newly designed area resonates with a premium feel. Subtle lighting accentuates the room's features, creating a warm and inviting ambiance.

The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. By revitalizing its gaming facility, the club has successfully piqued the interest of its patrons. The contemporary design and ambiance not only attract new visitors but also encourage repeat visits, underscoring the club's commitment to providing an unparalleled gaming experience.


Bomaderry Bowling Club
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