Immerse yourself in the unparalleled elegance of Arizona, a base that embodies clean lines and a seamless footwell. Designed with your comfort in mind, Arizona features an ergonomic footrest that ensures a sublime gaming experience. Choose our empire profile footrest, available in hardwearing anodized gold, silver, bronze, or black finishes, to add a touch of refinement. For a touch of luxury, consider the option of a carpet or ribbed footrest. Arizona stands as an icon in the industry, often imitated but never replicated. Discover the sophistication and unmatched quality of Arizona, the ultimate embodiment of style, comfort, and craftsmanship.

Dimensions: 720-1500 Wide 400-600 High 470-600 Deep

Warranty: 5 year Structural

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Cable Route

Presenting ‘Cable Rout,’ our meticulous cable management system designed with precise shelves and pass-through holes in all components across our entire joinery range. Cable Rout ensures an effortless installation process for electrical technicians, demonstrating our commitment to detail-oriented design and functionality.

Slimline Convertibles

Embrace space efficiency with our ‘Slimline Convertibles.’ If you’re seeking to optimize floor space, we offer the option to convert your base to a streamlined Slimline base. Adaptable to various sizes, from 600-470 mm deep, our Slimline Convertibles offer a smart solution for managing your spatial needs.


Introducing ‘Supalign’, our precision-crafted alignment system produced with advanced CNC machinery. With Supalign, aligning and positioning your cabinets becomes a quick and effortless process. This system not only ensures perfect placement but also minimizes the risk of future misalignments. Choose Supalign for enduring precision and ease-of-use.

Mighty Base

Presenting the ‘Mighty Base,’ our robust solution for those heavy-duty poker machines that demand extra support. Expertly engineered to handle intensive action, the Mighty Base confidently supports over 200kg. Choose Mighty Base when strength and reliability are non-negotiable.

Lightning Bolt

Experience the speed and efficiency of our ‘Lightning Bolt’ system. Designed for quick assembly, this system allows cabinets to be fastened together swiftly, ensuring smooth movement and effortless installation, time after time. By opting for bolts over screws, we simplify the alignment process for your cabinets. Choose Lightning Bolt for easy installation and optimal convenience.

Pop Face

Introducing the Pop Face, our game-changing removable access panel door designed for utmost convenience. Without the need for locks or hinges, the Pop Face offers a cost-effective solution that minimizes hardware usage. Its streamlined design significantly reduces visible lines on the base face, lending a sleek aesthetic to your poker machine base. Most importantly, the Pop Face ensures unrestricted access to your poker machine bases, making maintenance and adjustments a breeze. Embrace a combination of aesthetics, affordability, and accessibility with our innovative Pop Face panel door.


Knox Hardware

Boost your gaming machines’ safety with our ‘Knox Hardware’. Providing enhanced security, we offer lock hardware for your poker machine bases, including sturdy cups, backing plates, and lock brackets. What’s more, they’re primed for autolock installation, ensuring ease and convenience. All you have to do is set up the cam locks at your venue. With Knox Hardware, enjoy peace of mind knowing your machines are secure.

Fantasy Light

Introduce a dash of allure to your gaming space with our ‘Fantasy Lights.’ Designed to emit soft, low lighting, these fixtures enhance room visibility while maintaining the thrilling atmosphere created by your machines. With Fantasy Lights, elevate the ambiance without compromising on the excitement of the game.

Chameleon Tops

Discover our innovative ‘Chameleon Tops®’, a clever solution designed to conceal benchtop joins beneath your poker machines, ensuring a sleek and seamless look. Equipped with the ‘Lightning Bolt’ installation system, these tops promise swift and effortless installation. Upgrade to Chameleon Tops® for a neater, more polished gaming environment.

Cash Catcher

Introducing ‘Cash Catcher,’ our ingeniously designed funnel that efficiently directs surplus coins from the poker machine straight into the coin collection tray. Experience hassle-free and tidy coin management with our Cash Catcher.

Cash Keeper

Meet our ‘Cash Keeper,’ the smart solution designed to safeguard your coins right where they belong – in the coin collection tray. This efficient system ensures your coins are securely held, offering both convenience and peace of mind.

Weather Mate

Presenting ‘WeatherMate’, our meticulously crafted system designed to keep your outdoor gaming machines safe and secure, come rain or shine. WeatherMate ensures the enduring elegance and security of your machines, no matter what the weather throws at them. Experience unmatched protection and peace of mind with our resilient WeatherMate system.”

Power Perks

Keep your patrons connected and at ease with the addition of our Wireless Phone Chargers and USB power ports. Available as an upgrade to any of our products, these essential features ensure that your customers’ devices stay powered up for seamless communication and entertainment. With our user-friendly charging solutions, provide an additional layer of convenience that complements the engaging gaming experience.

Leading Edge

Enrich your gaming ambiance with our exclusive proprietary benchtop edges, coined ‘Leading Edge.’ Embrace the distinguished look of a real casino with our wide array of options. Choose from the classic ‘Casino’, the sleek ‘Fineline’, or explore our newest addition – the ‘Select’ edge. Designed with the perfect aspect ratio, the ‘Select’ edge brings a cutting-edge aesthetic and optimal design functionality to your gaming room. These edges are available in standard finishes like regal Gold, sleek Silver, and timeless Bronze, or you can opt for an upgraded custom plated finish for a more personalized touch. With our proprietary Leading Edge options, enjoy the perfect blend of style, sophistication, and innovation in your gaming space.


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