Longueville Hotel

Room Background

Years ago, Longueville Hotel's gaming room was a beacon of modern design. Yet, as Pat Gallagher assumed the hotel's leadership, he recognised the need for an update. The once vibrant room was beginning to show its age, not meeting its once-held standard of excellence.


Beyond the unconventional architecture of the room, with its three distinct entry and exit points, managing traffic flow in such a limited space posed notable challenges.

Client's Vision

Gallagher sought more than just a revamp; he desired a room that offered unparalleled privacy, standout design elements, and a strategic CRT location.

Capital Design Works' Strategy

We, at Capital Design Works, understand the intricate balance between aesthetics and functionality. Our team embarked on a journey to redesign the room, taking precise measurements to optimise space and elevate the gaming experience. With our industry-leading floor planning and unmatched expertise in screens, bases, and joinery, we proposed several state-of-the-art design options. A signature feature was the incorporation of warm white LED lighting and resilient polyurethane deco panels, elevating both privacy and luxury.

Design Execution

Capital Design Works' expertise laid the groundwork for the project. Our foundational layout and bespoke joinery solutions uniquely tailored the room's overall structure and function. Collaborating closely, interior designer Alyssa from 9x8 Studio designed captivating ceiling features and wall panelling, which we skilfully crafted and installed. A testament to our efficiency, the entire transformation, from wall panelling to ceiling accents and essential gaming fixtures, was completed seamlessly in just three days.

The Outcome

The transformation was nothing short of spectacular. The Longueville Hotel witnessed a significant uptick in patronage. The feedback echoed a common sentiment – the room wasn't just aesthetically pleasing, but it also radiated warmth, luxury, and safety.

Reflecting on Success

A precise plan, coupled with unparalleled expertise, minimises disruptions and amplifies customer satisfaction. The Longueville Hotel's transformation stands as a testament to Capital Design Works' commitment to excellence.

Your Gaming Room's Potential, Unlocked

In a fiercely competitive industry, Capital Design Works is your partner in creating gaming rooms that captivate and retain. Contact us and discover how we can transform your space into a hub of engagement and innovation.


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