Harp Hotel

Project Background

The Harp Hotel in Wollongong is one of those places that caters for just about everyone. From its location in the heart of town, it offers a nightclub dance floor, karaoke events, budget-priced accommodation, underground bar, restaurant and more.

However, when it came to the gaming room, it had been a long time since it had been given much attention, and it was looking a little tired and dated. The room really needed some TLC – it was tight and small with little in the way of comfort or features that would attract new customers.

The customer requirements

The hotel had invested in some new gaming machines and wanted a modernised room for them that would really stand out from the rest.
So in light of that, they approached us to design a new gaming room. We recommended extending the room to create a better flow and to make extra space for some awesome new features. It was also important that the floor plan would serve all types of players – from those wanting more privacy to people that like to chat and be a bit more social.

How Capital Design Works approached the project

The customer agreed with extending the room and chose a layout that includes perimeter privacy pods all the way around. This type of setup gives players use of their own privacy booth and helps create a more personalised space.

The re-design also includes two carousels of three feature banks that wrap around the structural columns and hide them from view. These columns had basically been taking up space and restricting movement, so we figured it made sense to make use of them in the new design!

Other features include ‘Casino Gold’ edges on the machine bases, as well as gold footrests and decorative panels. LED lights on the footrests inject a warmth and wow factor into the room, and wireless charging spots for mobile phones add another service as well.

Project Outcome

We think the combination of features in the new layout works really well in terms of flow, comfort and good looks!
According to Harp’s owner, the completed project is “one of the nicest gaming rooms around”. The revamped space is also not only making waves with existing customers but drawing in new players as well – essentially fulfilling the project’s initial goals.
In addition, the hotel indicated that due to the success of this makeover, they will be approaching Capital Design Works with further projects in the near future.


Harp Hotel
Wollongong NSW
Capital Design Works
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