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Whether you’re investing in a new gaming room or refurbishing an existing one, there are several critical features your room must have to deliver the ultimate customer gaming experience. With more than 30+ years in the trade here at Capital Design Works, we’re excited to share a few secrets with you!

Gaming Room Design Poker Machine Bases and Privacy Screens
Gaming Room Design Poker Machine Bases and Privacy Screens
Gaming Room Design Poker Machine Bases and Privacy Screens

Creating an atmosphere

One of the most important factors to consider in your gaming room design is how to create a good atmosphere within it. The two best ways to do this is through your room’s lighting and colour scheme. Your choice of lighting can completely alter the mood of your room and how your patrons perceive it. For example, choosing a brighter lighting scheme can create an illusion of more space, while a darker scheme can give your room a warm and cosy feel and make it feel inviting. You can use your lighting to peak drama and interest in your customers, make your bar displays, decorative screens and any other features stand out with good lighting around them!

Just like lighting, the colour of your room is equally important!Castle Hill Gaming Room Again, the brighter colours will create more space, and darker colours will create more warmth. But make sure to stay away from any dull colours like creams etc, you want your room to be memorable in a good way not remembered as a waiting room!

Use your space wisely

It doesn’t matter whether you have space in abundance or a smaller room to work with, it’s how we use this space that’s most important.
Let’s take your ceiling for example. The ceiling is the largest untouched area in your whole room! Why not use this to your advantage and create a ceiling feature? At Capital Design Works we have an array of different feature designs that you can select.

A ceiling feature is an area that can set you apart from your competitors, you can lift the mood of your room or even get rid of those boring spotlights with some nice colours and interesting designs. Why not hide those ugly air conditioning units with a nice panel design? You could even try incorporating some reflective surfaces into your design, this can help give an illusion of more space!

Wall panelling can give your room that spark, elevating it to the next level and give it that premium look and feel! You can dive into those fine details in your room with a good wall panel, for example, to hide any cables that might be visible on a normal wall, and you can even integrate TV and betting screens into the design, giving you a much more polished look.
If you get it right (with our help of course) you can make your room stay in the minds of everyone who enters!

All about the Base

arp-hotel-gaming-room-renovation-2Your choice of gaming machine bases is as important as any other feature in your room. A good base should be able to withstand the weight of the machines and signage. But more importantly, it should fit into your room’s design! They should come with holes to conceal any loose cables from your machines. At Capital Design Works we take pride in our bases, they are our bread and butter, designed to look good and most importantly built to last.

Know Your Audience!

Gaming room complimentary snack drawersNot every customer is the same and you must be able to cater to each of their individual needs. Some like private gaming while others may enjoy playing with their friends. The key success here is to maintain a good balance between the two.
The best way to do this is through decorative screens as they provide privacy to some players but still maintain a level of visibility rather than having a closed wall. You can even incorporate your branding into these decorative screens to help you resonate with your patrons.

We hope you have found this article useful for your gaming room design. The team at Capital Design Works have the skills and knowledge to make your room stand out from others. Chat with our designers now and turn your dream gaming room into a reality!
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