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With the most extensive experience in the industry, we provide superior gaming rooms for people who understand the importance of getting the details just right


Our experience, skill and versatility can take on any challenge. We’re with you every step of the way, from consultation to design through to production and installation and on going support. Whatever your needs, we’re ready to help.

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Design Your Room

Opt for a custom plan, or let us pave your pathway with one of our Award-Winning Floor Plans. At Capital, we celebrate the uniqueness of every venue. Since 2007, we’ve partnered with leading hotels, clubs, and casinos, crafting intricate and effective floor plans. We pay tribute to those that led the way by preserving their pioneering spirit in our work. Each floor plan we design follows key principles, balancing aesthetics with functionality, ensuring perfect spacing, privacy, and comfort tailored to your venue. We demystify the process; our core designing principles are shared openly with our in-house design team. Your dream team could be architects, designers, or an in-house team – we welcome all collaborations. Together, we can structure the ideal room that creates the perfect ambiance for you and your patrons alike. Make your vision a reality with Capital’s customised floor plans.

Visualise Your Room

With ambitious projects, uncertainty can quickly cloud your decisions, and comprehensive understanding of your chosen selections might often seem daunting. At Capital, we remove these layers of ambiguity by providing a personalized, tangible preview of your selections. We harness cutting-edge technology to model and render your choices, completely complimentary. This not only illuminates what you have selected, but also instills absolute confidence, assuring that your selections perfectly align with your expectations. Take a worry-free leap with Capital and witness your best choices come to life.

Why Work With Us

Efficent Design

Our 30 years’ experience combined with the latest Gaming Room design software produces design layouts that enhance the available space. That means optimising machine numbers within your guidelines whilst ensuring your Gaming Room looks inviting, creates privacy and maximises player comfort.


Our state-of-the-art computer-controlled manufacturing and strict quality-control processes will ensure your Gaming Room furniture has a craftsman’s finish with smooth lines. Our production process also minimises production time so you get your new Capital bases delivered quickly ready for installation.


Our installation team has set-up hundreds of Gaming rooms Australia-wide plus our precision manufacturing means less time adjusting when installing the bases on-site. That means trades and machine technicians can use your Capital “extra access” bases to swiftly do their work and get your new Gaming Room up and operating fast.


Once your new room is in operation we can assist with any technical enquiries, room layout adjustments or extra products. With over 30 years in the business, with Capital you know you have a partner you can count on to grow with you.

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Visualise your gaming room with our visualiser application and bring your design to life!

Case Studies

Come and see a collection of our completed projects, featuring thoughtful designs and masterful execution across a range of domains. The case studies provide a detailed depiction of our work – not only through dazzling photographs but also meaningful insights into each job. Wander through an array of different screens, bases, and hobs that we have created, each showcasing our commitment to quality, creativity, and attention to details.

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7 Must-Have Features For Your Gaming Room

Whether you’re building a new Game Room or revamping an existing one, there are several features that you must have if you want happy customers and overall longevity. With our 30+ years in the trade here at CDW, we’ve been through a lot and we’re ready to share a few secrets with you! Here are the 7 must–have features in your games room.

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