The Right Gaming Room Furniture for Player Comfort

These days there is a focus on maximising customer experience as well as utilising the available space when shaping the redesign of a gaming room.

Why? Just as we make our visitors feel comfortable in our own homes, so too should the visitors or patrons in your gaming room be made to feel comfortable (and even more so, as they are paying for the privilege).

Aesthetics are important but comfort is the number one priority.

The Poker Machine generates the revenue, but if the Poker machine, Poker Machine Base and Gaming stool are not in proportion this will greatly affect the ergonomics for the patron.

Choosing the right Poker Machine is only one part of the equation, it is the package of the Poker Machine, Poker Machine Base and the Gaming Stool and how they relate to one another as a whole that will ensure the success of your gaming room.

Height is critical to player comfort

The player must be in the right position to feel comfortable playing the poker machine and this depends on two key factors, the height of your:

Privacy matters

It is also important to provide a level of privacy for the player. This is usually achieved by having the correct spacing between gaming machines.

Spacing that maximises room utilisation, but not at the expense of making the patron feel crowded and without privacy.

Don’t cut corners

Just as you would not serve a tough steak in your restaurant, the same quality experience must be achieved through your gaming room, so cutting corners is not an option if you want optimum revenue. Below is a checklist that can help ensure that you are treating your patrons with care.

Checklist for your patron’s comfort

  • Is the room clean?
  • Is the room comfortable?
  • Do you have great service?
  • Does the room function as it should?
  • How does the poker machine base, gaming machine and gaming stool function as a whole?
  • Have we made the space enjoyable to relax in?

We’d love to help in your Gaming Room success

Capital Design Works offers design, manufacture, installation and after sales support for precision Gaming Room furniture including Poker Machine Bases, Screens and TAB joinery. Our products have been supplied to leading Clubs, Hotels and Casinos throughout Australia and New Zealand for over 30+ years to the highest standard and are built for comfort and lasting quality.

For more information, you can contact us on (02) 9771-2885 or complete an enquiry form for an obligation-free discussion.

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