The Psychology Behind Gaming Room Design For Clubs & Hotels

Think that every casino and gaming venue has a similar interior design by coincidence? Think again. A highly studied art, the psychology behind gaming room design covers every facet of the patron’s experience from colour, to carpet, and personal space.

If you’ve been considering an interior overhaul and want to ensure that your guests are welcomed, catered to, and stay put, then a quick summary reviewing the key points behind gaming psychology will be your best bet.

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No Detail Left Behind: Considering Every Feature in Game Room Design

For those with extensive industry experience, chances are you’ve noticed a number of recurring themes between venues. From bright colours to luxurious carpets, decadent seating arrangements, and 24/7 amenities, the entire guest experience has been considered from the ground, up.

Wanting the layout of a gaming venue to benefit both the owners and patrons, here are some of the key ways that architects, developers, and interior designers target the gaming mindset to nurture guests’ wants and needs.

1. Creating an atmosphere of luxury.

The most profitable international venues speak to the inner most desires of patrons wanting to live a luxurious life. From high-end materials to decadent plush carpets, every facet of the venue speaks to the guest’s ideal self. Beyond the interiors, 24/7 dinner service, facilities attendants, and dramatic lighting all speak to a world of wealth beyond the everyday.

2. Considering all 5 senses.

The features that are considered during the design process go well beyond aesthetics. Having studied the effects of sound in an already high-sensory environment, research shows that patrons hearing fellow guests winning encourages their own belief that they can do the same. Wondering how visual cues come into effect? By dimming the overall brightness of a venue, the right lighting can create a timeless atmosphere that knows neither day or night. (A great way to encourage the ultimate adult luxury–having nowhere to be and forgetting all sense of time.)

3. Thinking about personal space.

Offering enough space between machines and players encourages a sense of privacy–as well as reduces overall interpersonal irritation. Instead of players crowding one another and increasing the risk of patron conflict, having enough designated area per guest encourages a sense of privacy and personal escape.

4. Offering a great escape.

While city-based casinos may encourage walk-by traffic, venues that exist on the outskirts of town have the benefit of becoming the ultimate getaway. Offering guests a designated space to get away from the hustle and bustle, readily available accommodation, 24/7 dining, and an all-encompassing sensory experience encourages guests to leave the everyday behind. (For venue owners, this results in increased spend per guest and fewer competing neighbours.)

These principles didn’t come about from sheer luck–they have been studied, tested, and trialled at some of the best venues around the world. Speaking to the patron’s ideal self, the most successful gaming rooms create a world of luxury where winning, riches, and a life of decadence seem right round the corner.

Capital Design Works: Levelling Up Game Gaming Rooms Australia-wide

Gaming Room Design Poker Machine Bases

For the venue owners and hospitality managers who have been strategising solutions to increase playing time, profitability per machine, and number of guests through the door, diving into the art of gaming psychology is the way to go.With over 30 years’ experience working with key industry players, every member of the Capital Designs team explores the above principles when suggesting materials, machines, and design. Ready to level up your game room? Our representatives can help survey your existing layout and discuss specific ways to help increase patronage and bring extra profit through the door.

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