Four Benefits of Modular Joinery for Gaming Bases and Screens

To run a profitable Club or Hotel year after year, is challenging, especially in today’s current climate.  Sudden lockdowns and changing social distancing rules can dramatically affect your revenue. Not only is it important to stay on top of these changes, but you need to have the flexibility to adapt to these changes quickly with minimal interruption to your customers.

Keeping your gaming room functioning at its best means you need to be able to change the layout to meet the evolving needs of your customers and comply with government legislation – while keeping costs as low as possible. This is where modular joinery for your gaming bases and screens can really help.

We’re sure that you’ve heard of modular furniture for offices, but are you familiar with  modular joinery for your gaming room? When we talk about modular joinery, we mean a set of bases and decorative screens that can be changed to fit your gaming room design. Modular joinery has rapidly grown in popularity over the past few years due to the huge benefits it offers clubs and hotels. Many club and hotel gaming rooms have installed permanent joinery or products that claim to be modular. However, permanent bases and screens, and imitation products can end up costing your venue more in the long run. Stick around as we take you through the four benefits of using modular joinery for your club or hotel.

1. Tailored to your gaming room design

Capital’s fully modular gaming bases and screens come in a range of different design and size options, so you’re guaranteed to find the right base to suit your design. Our modular bases and screens are available in an assortment of finishes and come with a wide range of decorative and functional upgrades, so they will seamlessly integrate with and enhance your gaming room design. 

2. Plenty of room for change

As you know, your layout is crucial to how your gaming room performs. The beauty of modular bases and screens is how easily they can be moved around. If you have machines that are underperforming, or your layout needs a rethink, you can simply move your room around with minimal fuss and cost. If you opt for permanent joinery fixtures or inferior imitation products, then you’re committing to a layout for an extended period as they simply can’t be moved as easily and as cost-effectively. With the COVID restrictions of the past year many clubs and hotels had to adapt their layout, the clubs with modular bases could still make the most out of their machines because of the freedom of movement modular joinery allows. 

3. Privacy

Some players like gaming in private, while others like to play in groups. You have to consider that every customer is different, and they have different needs. With a modular solution, you can change the layout of your room to suit either private or public gaming. You can fine tune your room to best suit your customer’s specific needs.

4. Future-Proof Your Room

Customer demands and gaming room trends are forever changing. With permanent features your room is limited, and change is made difficult. Your room will have to go through a complete overhaul, and this doesn’t come cheap. Modular joinery allows you to take your gaming machines and privacy screens and combine them to form various gaming room layouts, essentially future-proofing your room. 

There you have it, four benefits of modular joinery for gaming bases and screens. Here at Capital Design Works, we have been manufacturing quality poker machine bases and privacy screens for over 30 years, so we know what works. Our gaming bases and screens are fully modular enabling both easy and cost-effective re-arrangements of your gaming rooms. Our bases seamlessly integrate with your current design and can offer you plenty of future layout options. We also offer a moving service which can be quoted as needed. For more information on our range of products call us on 02 8999 6422.

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