Our Features ensure you get the best results

Capital Poker Machine bases need to be constructed to exact specifications and have standard features and options that make them last longer, look better and make them more functional.

Here are just 14 of our standard features and some options that we can offer:

1. Slim Line Convertibles

If you need more floor space for better patron flow, we can always convert your base to a Slimline base if required and can tackle any size from 600 – 470 mm deep.

2. Supalign

Created by our skilled craftsmen, the Supalign system allows you to line up cabinets quickly and easily and keep them perfectly positioned. It also reduces the danger of your bases going out of alignment in the future.

3. Mighty Base

For those heavy duty poker machines you need a base that can handle the extra action. Our especially designed Mighty Base holds over 200kg so you can be sure they will do the job.

4. Knox Hardware

For added security, we provide knox hardware for your poker machine bases, including cups, backing plates and lock brackets – they’re even set up for auto-lock installation. All you need to do is install the cam locks at your venue.

5. Lightning Bolt

Our Lightning Bolt system means cabinets can be bolted together fast – meaning straight forward movement and installation time and time again. By using bolts instead of screws we make it easier for you to align your cabinets. All this means your Gaming Room is up and running faster.

6. Cable Route

Our attention to detail means we create precise cable shelves and pass-through holes in all our components on every base we make – ensuring installation is a breeze for poker machine technicians. Less time and less hassle to make sure your Gaming room is up and running as quick as possible.
As well as our standard features we have a range of options to choose from to enhance the functionality, look and durability of our Poker Machine Bases:

7. WeatherMATE

With our durable WeatherMATE system your outdoor machines stay safe, smart and secure whatever the weather conditions. So even in an outdoor area you can be sure your Poker Machines bases last

8. Pop Face

The Pop Face is a removable panel front without locks or hinges that saves on hardware, reduces lines on the face of the base and allows full access to your poker machine bases. This makes clean lines and an appealing Gaming Room look

9. Casino Edge

Give your gaming room the Casino look with our custom Casino Edge option, available in Gold, Silver, Bronze as standard or upgrade to plated gold or chrome.

10. USB Power

We can provide USB power ports to our Gaming Machine Consoles so patrons can keep their phones charged.

11. Cash Catcher

Our cleverly designed funnel drops excessive coins from the poker machine neatly into the coin collection tray.

12. Cash Keeper

If you need to collect coins the Cash Keeper is the simple and effective way to make sure all coins stay where they belong in the coin collection tray.

13. Chameleon Tops

With our smart Chameleon Tops® you can hide your benchtop joins under your poker machines. This system features the Lightning Bolt installation system for quick and easy installation.

14. Fantasy Light

Bathe your poker machine in a single colour or any combination of colours, by having LED lighting installed in your poker machine bases. Light up the Benchtop, the Footrest, or the Kick Face for a floating effect.

In summary

You can customise your cabinets to suit your decor and/or needs. Our experienced Capital Design team can guide you through choosing the right Poker Machine Bases and our other features to ensure you get the best results.

Just call us on 02 9771 2885 or complete an enquiry form.

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