The Difference Between an Inhouse Designer and Joiner vs an Outsourced Designer

In-House Designer and Joiner Vs Outsourced Design.

You may be thinking about upgrading your gaming room, but you don’t know where to start. No doubt you’re wondering what designer or design team to hire to get the best results. Here at Capital Design Works we have a different solution to offer you, one with a number of benefits. This solution is our own in-house design team and team of joiners. Forget about looking for an outsourced designer to get your dream look. In the following article, we will take you through a few of the benefits of using an in-house designer and joiner over an outsourced designer. 


Here at Capital Design Works, we have essentially streamlined the process with our in-house design team. Your dream gaming room could become a reality sooner than you think and with fewer costs involved and also eliminating hidden costly variations provided to you by an independent interior designer.  You no longer need to hire a separate designer and joiner at a premium fee to get a premium look, we have that covered with our integrated team of joiners and designers.

One Team Under One Roof  

Our designers and joiners work together as a team with your best interests in mind, your designer works directly with your joiner. As both the designer and joiners are from the same company communication lines will be a lot better, so if anything needs to be changed it is a lot easier for you and the team. Each member of our team works together with one outlook in mind which is to get you the best outcome possible. 

Construction challenges  

As both, the designer and joiner are working together during the concept phase of the project any potential construction challenges are eliminated early on. Any possible hiccups or problems are eliminated during this phase. This has several huge benefits, firstly they will have a better projection of timelines. The fact that both the designer and joiner have worked on the concept phase means that the timeframe that has been projected should be much more accurate and the fewer construction challenges along the way can ease these timelines further. Secondly, costs are reduced from any potential design flaws that may have needed to be fixed further down the line making a smoother less stressful project for the customer. 

Integrity of Design  

It can be quite a scary scenario if you need to reduce the overall costs of your project. You may wonder will the integrity of your design still stand strong? This can raise red flags when you have an outsourced designer on board. But, since your designer will be working directly with the joiner to brainstorm more cost-effective solutions, you will always know that you will have the best possible product catered to you. You cannot always guarantee this if your designer is outsourced as the costs can be completely different. Keeping your vision and your design is always at the top of our priority list.                                                                                                                                                                   

There are a lot of factors to consider when you’re upgrading your gaming room, we hope we have helped you to eliminate one of them. As you can see there are a great array of benefits from using an integrated designer and joinery team rather than using an outsourced designer and here at Capital Design Works, we hope that this article has helped you in your decision making. Click here to get your free design quote!

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