Choosing a Poker Machine Base

When you looking to design a new Gaming Area or even revamp an existing one, Poker Machine bases are an important component because they need to look good, be quick and easy to install and be durable. So what are some of the questions you should think about when you are choosing a poker machine base? Here are 7 key ones to start with….

1. Budget or Premium 

Are you looking for a budget or premium gaming room? This will determine the style you can use and many of the features that are available. For example, we have seven main base styles and our Miami bases look great but are designed with for the budget-conscious. Check out our models here.

2. Collecting Coins?

Once you decide on the base style, the next consideration is do you need to collect coins? The answer may exclude certain types of bases and will definitely effect some of the other options. For example, our Macau bases are designed without coin-collection

3. Footrest Placement

You then need to think about footrests and where they are positioned. While 80% bases we manufacture have footrest, it’s not just about whether to have a footrest – it’s where you want the footrest positioned – higher or lower. With a footrest higher up players sit further away from the machine, so it takes up more floor area. Conversely, if the base is down lower the player sits closer to the machine allowing for a wider passage behind the player.

4. Footrest Material

Now you have selected a base style with the footrest placement that suits your gaming space – what colour and material combination will suit your Gaming Room design best? The material choice could be vinyl, carpet or even aluminium. You also need to consider the colour of the material. For example, if the footrest is aluminium – do you want a Gold, Bronze or Silver colour finish? If the material choice is a vinyl or carpet, there is an almost endless selection of colours and/or patterns available to suit your Gaming Room.

5. Base Dimensions

How wide, deep and high should your bases be?

  • Base Height – Ideally the height of your bases should  work in conjunction with your stool height, we will help you make sure your bases are the correct height
  • Base Depth – Newer machines are slimmer which allows you to reduce the depth of your bases and create more room for patrons. So for example, if you have a two “banks’ of machines you can create an extra 200mm between patrons backs, just by reducing the base width by 100mm. That creates more room between the backs of patrons and a wider path for other patrons to walk through;
  • Base width – Many newer machines are wider so you need to make sure that you have plenty of width to “future-proof” your bases and also to create enough space between machines so patrons feel comfortable and not crowded.

6. Bench-top Edges

Next, the bench-top edges. There are generally three main types to choose from – Square, Casino or Rolled Edges. The Rolled Edge is generally accepted as the most durable but it comes down to the look you desire for Gaming Room. And like the footrests you can choose from an almost endless range of colour and material combinations.

7. Other Options

Now you have the basics sorted, you can really choose some great options to make your bases more functional and stylish including:

  • POP-FACE– if you don’t have coin collection. Still top level security, but without a door hinge so you have more durability and much better access for machine technicians.
  • WEATHER MATE– ideal for areas like outside rooms where they may get wet.
  • FANTASY LIGHTS– LED or strip lights to attract Patrons
  • USB CHARGERS– USB ports for your Patrons’ convenience.

These are just some of the considerations when you are looking to renovate or build your new Gaming Room and are choosing a Poker Machine base. Our design consultants are always happy to discuss your needs obligation-free, just call us on 1300 209 212 or complete an enquiry form.

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