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In the 30+ years of Cootamundra Bases and Capital’s life, we have witnessed plenty of “quick fixes” and poorly constructed Bases and Screens in Pubs, Clubs and Casinos.  With that in mind, we thought we’d put together 7 key questions to ask your supplier before you buy Poker Machine Bases (plus of course how we answer these questions) to help you get the best quality Gaming room furniture.

1. Has the supplier more than 30 years service to the gaming industry?

When you need more bases or components you don’t want to hear that the style or design is no longer available.

At Capital, we are recognised by our many clients over the past 30 years for our service and willingness to assist with new layouts and extra components. We will even at your request, order and store extra laminates for future works.

2. Is the supplier a specialist to the industry?

Normally you would have a joiner make your fixtures but not with bases that will need to service your needs into the future.

At Capital we individually make the bases giving you the flexibility into the future to move your machines. We even have a service where we will assist you with the move.


3. Has the supplier made provision for the technical trades which follow the installation?

Data and power have specific and sometimes unique needs.

At Capital, we work closely with the many gaming manufacturers giving us opportunities to design and make allowances for data and power requirements.

4. Is the Base craftsman designed?

You should insist on craftsman designs for your bases to ensure player comfort and create an atmosphere your customers expect.

Capital’s Bases are designed with aesthetics and function in mind.

5. Are the Bases made so you can change the colour without removing the poker machine and cabling?

Sometimes you just need a facelift along with new carpet not new bases.

With over 30 years experience we understand about getting the basics right. We have designs which make changing colours simple.


6. How good is your guarantee?

All suppliers will offer a guarantee but at what cost? Will you have to remove the base and machines to effect the repair?

At Capital, we have designed our bases to have integrity in construction so simple things like the doors not jamming when you activate automatic locks etc.

7. What materials is the supplier using?

You should insist on high pressure laminates on HMR Craftwood to be used on Benchtops.

At Capital, we have seen too many failures of inferior bases where melamine on particle board is used to save money. We have the latest CNC machinery and laminating line making production cost effective and saving you money.

Our experience, skill and versatility can take on any challenge. We’re with you every step of the way, from consultation to design through to production and installation and ongoing support. Whatever your needs, we’re with you every step of the way, from consultation to design through to production and installation and ongoing support.

To discuss your Gaming Room Build or Refurbishment, call us obligation-free on 02 9771 2885 or complete our contact form

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