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Whether you’re building a new Game Room or revamping an existing one, there are several features that you must have if you want happy customers and overall longevity. With our 30+ years in the trade here at CDW, we’ve been through a lot and we’re ready to share a few secrets with you! Here are the 7 must–have features in your games room.

Gaming Room Bases

1. Ceiling Design

Gaming Room Ceiling Design
In an area populated by screens and machines, your ceiling is the largest untouched plane. It gives you the biggest opportunity to set your games room apart from competitors, think of it as the “fifth wall” of an interior space. An area where you can really showcase your theme. A good ceiling feature can completely alter the look and feel of your space. Have you an ugly air conditioning unit hanging down? You could conceal it with the right design feature. Tired of those dull boring yellow spotlights? Why not incorporate a different style of lights into your ceiling feature! Do you want to make it a nice warm cosy environment? Darker colours can automatically make your room warmer and cosier, whereas a lighter colour scheme with bright colours and reflective surfaces can give your room a greater sense of space.

A well-designed ceiling space can define the atmosphere of your room and should definitely be taken into consideration.

2. Wall Panelling

Gaming Room Decorative WallsInstead of opting for your run–of–the–mill painted walls, why not try out some wall panelling instead? Professional panelling can elevate your space and transform your games room into a modern, professional space suitable for an array of different needs. There are endless design combinations available, and if planned wisely you can turn your walls into a memorable feature rather than just a painted support structure.

3. Decorative Screens

Player privacy is a huge factor that needs to be considered in the layout stage by the designer. Remember every customer is different, some like to use your facilities in private while others like to use them in a more social setting. Maintaining a good balance between private and semi-private gaming is a key element in a successful gaming room.

You can achieve this balance by installing decorative screens.

Decorative screening ensures players can game privately while still maintaining some degree of visibility and can be incorporated nicely into the aesthetic of the gaming room.

4. Carpet

Gaming Room Decorative Walls
Carpets can offer you the most flexibility when it comes to aesthetics. With so many patterns and colours to choose from your options are endless. You could even incorporate your branding into your carpet to help give your customers an unforgettable experience. Carpets don’t only have aesthetic benefits, but they have acoustic benefits too! “It (Carpet) is also one of the only floor coverings that can significantly reduce the impact and reverberation noise.”

Source: Carpetinstitute.com.au

5. Branding

Gaming Room Branding
Good branding is an important aspect for any successful gaming room when creating a memorable experience. You have to carefully consider your design direction as you want to build a lasting, memorable brand that is instantly recognisable.

It really pays off to have a strongly branded room, and if you own a chain of gaming rooms you may want to test design options with service user focus groups.

6. High-Quality Bases

Gaming Room Bases
Quality is important in any product. High-quality bases are our bread and butter at Capital Design Works. Our bases are built to last and withstand the weight of all poker machines and signage. Their easy pass-through cable holes keep your floors and space tidy, and even though our design is often copied, the quality and components used by Capital Design Works cannot be replicated.

7. Complimentary snacks station / bar

Gaming room complimentary snack drawers
It is important that your patrons feel looked after and get that VIP treatment that keeps coming back! You can enhance the overall experience in your room by adding a complimentary snacks station or a bar. Nothing says that you appreciate someone’s custom like some free food or drinks!

Thanks for reading, here at CDW we hope you can use this information to help build your dream games room.

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