Wollongong Golf Club

Project Background

The Wollongong Golf Club’s 21-machine gaming room wasn't being well utilised, and the club decided to invest in a renovation in order to attract new customers.
The clubhouse gaming room had several key issues, including that it was small, in the wrong location, had a poor layout and was lacking in general comfort.
So overall, you could say the gaming room really needed a serious upgrade, and a great makeover to give it that special ‘wow factor’ as well!

The customer requirements

The club wanted a new gaming room that would draw people in and encourage them to linger. This meant the space needed to be enjoyable, comfortable, look great and offer some privacy.
The club wanted the available space to be fully maximised through an improved layout.
The gaming room upgrade was not a stand-alone renovation, it formed part of the club’s wider improvement project. The project included café and bar expansions, new outdoor and alfresco areas, re-designed locker rooms and golf course upgrades.

How Capital Design Works approached the project

We were approached by the club to do the joinery and the layout for the new gaming room. As well as supplying the decorative privacy screens and the bases for the machines, we also designed a new layout that includes a carousel feature bank.

The carousel feature looks great and works really well inside the room, providing great flow and privacy for users. Another touch was the addition of LEDs to the bases – which has the effect of lighting up the whole footwell of the machine and really brightening the room.

Overall, the combination of these features has helped give the room that wow factor it really needed to boost interest and attract new people to the club.

Project Outcome

The club reports that its income from the gaming area has tripled as a result of the refurbishment. Another positive outcome is that the club’s NSW rankings jumped over 200 points just from the improvements made to the gaming area alone.

Club management is very pleased with the final result of the renovation, describing Capital Design Works as being “instrumental” in establishing an atmosphere that enables customers to enjoy their gaming activities.


Wollongong Golf Club
Wollongong NSW
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