Club Marconi

Project Background

Club Marconi began the first stage of their Gaming Room renovations back in 2016, with Stage 1 of the refurbishment addressing their VIP room and main indoor gaming area. Stage 2 of the renovations were completed in late 2018, which focussed on updating their expansive outdoor gaming area.

How Capital Design Works addressed the issues 

The brief was to install Arizona bases throughout, to refresh the space and achieve maximum ergonomic comfort for patrons. However, Club Marconi wanted to incorporate a point of difference into the footrest design - ribbed footrests have long been recognised throughout the industry as Capital Design Work’s/Cootamundra Base’s signature footrest thus, we tweaked the design slightly, adding a new extrusion and that is how our Empire footrest was created!
We were able to reuse the modular bases in a new configuration as they are designed to be easily and seamlessly relocated as required.

New privacy screens were installed outside, these needed to be durable and weather resistant, whilst providing privacy to the patrons and offering protection to the machines.  Working with Interior Designer Christine Hawkes, we came up with a solution to meet the customers requirements and budget.

The Outcome

The end result – a is a visually appealing, well integrated, practical and innovative space, featuring the first 'new look' Arizona base, or as we like to say a Gaming Room that works.

Capital Design Works assists individual Hotels or Clubs and works with Club or Hotel groups to ensure the optimum results – on budget and on time.

Our State of the Art Design, Manufacturing and Install teams work with Venue Management, Builders, Interior Designers and Floor Plan specialists to create Gaming Rooms that Work.


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