Introducing Infohub, your key source for sports betting information. Punters can find details for their bets and fill out slips easily. Displayed with high-mounted TVs and soft LED lights, it breeds an engaging wagering atmosphere. We supply directly to TAB and various venues. Choose Infohub for a true sports capital in your TAB.

Dimensions: 1600w x 3000h x 500d

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Cable Route

Presenting ‘Cable Rout,’ our meticulous cable management system designed with precise shelves and pass-through holes in all components across our entire joinery range. Cable Rout ensures an effortless installation process for electrical technicians, demonstrating our commitment to detail-oriented design and functionality.


Fantasy Light

Introduce a dash of allure to your gaming space with our ‘Fantasy Lights.’ Designed to emit soft, low lighting, these fixtures enhance room visibility while maintaining the thrilling atmosphere created by your machines. With Fantasy Lights, elevate the ambiance without compromising on the excitement of the game.

Power Perks

Keep your patrons connected and at ease with the addition of our Wireless Phone Chargers and USB power ports. Available as an upgrade to any of our products, these essential features ensure that your customers’ devices stay powered up for seamless communication and entertainment. With our user-friendly charging solutions, provide an additional layer of convenience that complements the engaging gaming experience.

Leading Edge

Enrich your gaming ambiance with our exclusive proprietary benchtop edges, coined ‘Leading Edge.’ Embrace the distinguished look of a real casino with our wide array of options. Choose from the classic ‘Casino’, the sleek ‘Fineline’, or explore our newest addition – the ‘Select’ edge. Designed with the perfect aspect ratio, the ‘Select’ edge brings a cutting-edge aesthetic and optimal design functionality to your gaming room. These edges are available in standard finishes like regal Gold, sleek Silver, and timeless Bronze, or you can opt for an upgraded custom plated finish for a more personalized touch. With our proprietary Leading Edge options, enjoy the perfect blend of style, sophistication, and innovation in your gaming space.


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