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  • Client: IRIS Hotels - Riverwood Inn
  • Location: Riverwood NSW
  • Scope: Poker Machine Bases and Screens
  • Designer: Capital Design Works

Riverwood Inn

Project Background

The Gaming Room was designed by Paul Kelly, a popular Architect, who because of the quality required, normally specifies Capital Design Bases. The builder had unfortunately used another company for Bases which were inferior quality and had no flexibility to enable re-configuration to optimise the Room’s performance.

Additionally, the completed room was too open, had a lack of player privacy and was segregated by a tile path. The hotel operator, Iris Group, wanted player privacy and to get the room floor plan revised and optimised for maximum performance.

How Capital Design Works addressed the issues

Using our extensive Gaming Room experience, we redesigned the floor plan, specified more flexible Bases and Screens and collaborated with the signage company to ensure the Games feature signage worked with the floor plan and room design.

We used our popular and flexible Macau Bases with large footwells, LED lighting and lack of base dividing panels to provide a cantilever effect. Ayana screens with 25mm polyurethane deco panels added a premium feel and more privacy.

The Outcome

The room was completed in January 2018 and by the end of the quarter was already outperforming local competitors. The room looks great, has good flow with low congestion points, ideal player separation and Iris Group is now using this design format throughout all their venues.

We work as a team to get the result that achieves both the Client’s and Designer’s visions. You can contact us for a no-obligation discussion.

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