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  • Client: Leumeah Hotel - Redcape Hotel Group
  • Location: Leumeah
  • Scope: Poker Machine Bases & Screens

Leumeah Hotel

Project Background

The Leumeah Hotel undertook a major renovations, including their Gaming Room, which was last refurbished approximately 4-5 years ago.  The purpose of the refurbishment works was to update the look and feel of the venue, making it a contemporary space that would feel vibrant, open and inviting.

How Capital Design Works addressed the issues 

The project involved designing, manufacturing and installing Poker Machine Bases for 30 machines plus 30 Cayman Privacy Screens (25mm, polyurethane).

We used our Arizona bases, complemented by a hard-wearing Empire footrest, Caesarstone benchtops and benchtop USB ports.

Adding to the element of privacy, Capital Design Works designed and fitted Hex pods around the perimeter of the room, allowing each machine to sit on a slight angle, concealing the view of the neighbouring machine.

The Outcome

In collaboration with Redcape, Capital Design Works redesigned the original floorplan in order to fulfil the brief, delivering a premium Gaming Room with quality finishes and superb functionality. 

The end result is a visually stunning, spacious, practical and innovative Gaming Room. Or as we like to say A Gaming Room that Works.

Capital Design Works assists individual Hotels or Clubs and works with Club or Hotel groups to ensure the optimum results – on budget and on time.

Our State of the Art Design, Manufacturing and Install teams work with Venue Management, Builders, Interior Designers and Floor Plan specialists to create Gaming Rooms that Work.

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