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  • Client Cronulla RSL
  • Location Cronulla NSW
  • Scope Gaming Bases and Screens

Cronulla RSL

Project Background

Cronulla RSL has a new look after major renovations on its first and second floors. The project included alterations to take advantage of the club's beach views, as well as the creation of a Scandinavian beach theme throughout the venue. A big part of the renovation was the makeover of the indoor and outdoor gaming rooms to make them more visible, attractive and accessible.

The customer requirements

There were several problems with the gaming area. It was quite dark, and a lot of patrons didn’t even know it existed! Club management wanted to brighten up the area, and make it more open and visible to the public and the 30,000 members. They also wanted to develop a variety of spaces within the area to serve the needs of the different groups that attend the venue. This included creating ‘nooks’ for shared gaming, as well as private spaces to suit individuals. And while it was important to make the gaming areas more accessible and visible, they still needed to be somewhat discreet as the venue is popular with families. As well as the indoor and alfresco gaming area, the makeover included the reception area. Creating a flow between the reception and the gaming rooms was an important priority.

How Capital Design Works approached the project

Once the club management knew what they wanted, they approached us with a floor plan for the gaming rooms. Our works involved installing the machine bases, customised to suit in terms of colours and height, width and depth. We also installed Aruba screens, which were customised in line with what the customer wanted by swapping the usual decorative pattern for slats. In this project, we aimed to make the setup very flexible. This means if they want to modify the layout in the future, they can do so quickly and easily.

Project Outcome

The feedback from the alterations has been very positive, with club patrons saying they are enjoying the new room and being able to use the alfresco gaming area and enjoy beach views in any weather. In addition, while the renovations were happening, a major competitor of the club closed down. This led to many new customers for Cronulla RSL, and by all accounts, they are very impressed with the gaming area and the venue in general. Overall the results have been very positive and have led to increased revenue for the club. Cronulla RSL management says that they “couldn’t be happier” about the work done by Capital Works Design on both the indoor and outdoor gaming rooms.

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