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  • Client Commonwealth Hotel
  • Location Newcastle, NSW
  • Scope Arizona Gaming Bases, Sideways Ayana Screens
  • Floor Plan Capital Design Works

Commonwealth Hotel

Project Background

The historic Commonwealth Hotel in Newcastle is a popular venue often affectionately referred to as ‘The Commo’ by locals in the coastal town. The hotel’s gaming room, however, was not so well-loved! It had been needing a serious makeover for some time in order to appeal to customers. The machines had very old bases. The room itself was small, dark and rather on the plain side. In general, the atmosphere was just lacking.

The customer requirements

Hotel management approached us requesting a new layout for the room, as well as new bases and screens for the machines. Overall they wanted the room to be more spacious and offer greater privacy for the players as well. They requested that LEDs be installed as part of the project. Lighting was a priority to brighten the room and create a better atmosphere.

How Capital Design Works approached the project

We were able to help with a new design that was more spacious and included privacy booths as well as shared areas for people wanting to play in pairs or groups. To start with, the room was expanded, which meant the machines could be better spaced. This in turn improved player access and privacy. Private booths were installed as well as open banks. However, the machines in the open areas have screens between them to create a level of privacy there as well. The screens all have double LEDs, which give off a lot of light and create a great atmosphere. The bases also have LEDs, and a mirror kickface which reflects the carpet pattern, giving the bases a kind of ‘floating’ appearance.

Project Outcome

The renovation has provided a range of benefits for the hotel. It has opened up the room, created a great sense of spaciousness, and improved privacy for players. The room also looks great and has a much better flow than it did previously. The customer is very happy with the outcome, saying the room has a nice feel and atmosphere, and is much brighter than before. However, at the same time, it is not overly-bright, especially as the LEDs are dimmable. Hotel management says that Capital was easy to work with and offered great ideas for the renovation and that the feedback from customers has been very positive.

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