Creating Space in a Gaming

Effective Gaming Room layout is about finding that ideal balance between machine number optimisation, player comfort and...

Gaming Room Design

Our Gaming Room heritage started over 30 years ago with hand-crafted Cootamundra Bases and more recently...

Our Features ensure you get

Capital Poker Machine bases are constructed to exact specifications and have standard features and options that make them last longer, look better and make them more functional


Questions for a new supplier

Here’s 7 key questions to ask your supplier before you buy Poker Machine Bases to help you get the best quality Gaming room furniture.


Gaming Furniture that works

Gaming furniture that meets your precise needs. That’s what we call the Capital Difference and that’s what our Clients’ venues get when they partner with us to design, build, deliver and install their Poker Machine Bases, Privacy Screens and TAB Walls.


Choosing the best Privacy Screens

Studies have shown that more privacy can increase revenues. What Gaming Room Privacy Screens do you need to achieve privacy and an attractive Gaming Room?


Choosing a Poker Machine Base

When you looking to design a new Gaming Area or even revamp an existing one, choosing Poker Machine base is an important decision.